5 Things That Made Me Smile This Week #4

Hi Everyone! I’m checking in with another Motivation Monday–challenging you to reflect on your week and count your blessings! Here are some of the impactful things that happened to me this week and put a smile on my face! I’d love to hear of some of the amazing things that happened to you in the comments section as well! Have a blessed week:D

Passenger Seat

On Monday, Sean had to run a few errands out in Jersey and asked if I wanted to come along. It took some time for me to give a response because I’d been up since 4:00am, was in pain, and very sleepy. However, it was 64° outside and I enjoy spending time with him, so I ultimately decided to go. Since I got my car, there are limited opportunities for me to sit in the passenger seat. To Sean, this was probably just another “Jersey Run”, but this time brought me back to when we first started dating–I actually felt like I was on a date! I gladly sunk into the passenger seat and just enjoyed the ride–windows open, wind gently blowing against my face, and music blasting as we jokingly bopped our heads to whatever reggae he could grab while dipping and weaving along the Belt Parkway….bliss.



As my steroids continue to decrease, the pain unfortunately, continues to return. I’ve been suffering from headaches throughout the day and taking frequent naps to avoid the pain. Sometimes it helps and other times I just cope. Nonetheless, I’ve been given the okay to take Tylenol (I can’t take any other pain medications due to concerns regarding my kidneys) and it has been my savior this week! I know this seems like something so small, but I have to be grateful for gifted scientists who create these things! There’s nothing worse than being forced to just deal with pain. The relief that I’m given when the Tylenol kicks in is such a blessing!


Gifts and Surprises

This week was a bit rough, so it was nice to receive several gifts and surprises from my family and friends. The hot water tank for my house broke down, so I’ve been staying with Sean until it’s replaced. On Wednesday, I didn’t plan on going home, but my mom called and said that she was going to stop by because she needed to drop something off for me. When I arrived, my mom was already there with 3 large bouquets of flowers that she, Clara, and Jonah (kids that she takes care of) prepared for me! My original “get well flowers” were all dead, with the exception of one bouquet, so it was really nice to see a fresh batch. The surprises didn’t stop there though! My mom began to explain that when she first arrived, there was a package at the door for me…I knew I didn’t order anything, so I was very surprised to hear this. When I opened the package, there was a nicely wrapped box of chocolate covered strawberries (my absolute favorite dessert) from my sorority sisters! On a day when I was feeling discouraged, down and out, these thoughtful gifts really helped bring my spirits up!



I know, I know…another drug. But this was really great news guys! Years ago, I was approved for Rituximab infusion treatments, which were very effective in managing my Lupus symptoms. Overall I had more energy and was able to engage in more activities over the course of a day. That first round of treatment was the only one I’ve ever received. Since then, due to pricing, I haven’t been able to receive it again…until this week! My doctor called me with the great news on Thursday, sharing that I’d been approved for the treatment! These past few years have been very rough… I am praying that this helps with my fatigue and ability to make it through the day. I can’t wait to tell you guys how it goes!



In celebration of Palm Sunday, there was a huge spread prepared for a number of guests at my church. Lunch is usually provided for these families in need, but today’s lunch was extra special due to the holiday. There was a ton of food prepared, so naturally, there was a ton of food left over. Sundays after church are usually my meal prep days, but I will be able to hold off on meal planning for the next few days because I was blessed with enough food to last me several days into the week! Nom nom nom! Not only does that mean not having to cook, but it also means that I’m saving money. Talk about a blessing!


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36 thoughts on “5 Things That Made Me Smile This Week #4”

  1. Hmmm!! Let me think? What are 5 things that made me smile this week.
    1. When I hang out with friends at Maria’s restaurant near by where I live. 2.Going to spend time and play with my baby nephew. 3. Having friends I truly can rely on and can count on when I need them in my toughest days; and moments.

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  2. Joezette, this is a beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing your experience, and the reminder to count my blessings is a great gift. 🙂

    Speaking of gifts, how lovely that your sorority sisters gave you chocolate covered strawberries. A kindness to be thankful for!

    So glad that you found me, and thank you for visiting and following my blog. You are so welcome, anytime. Sending you many blessings, and a little gift of caring right now! ~Debbie

    ps – I am grateful for living in a really peaceful home with a labyrinth and meditation space. Thanks again for helping me be aware of my gratitude right now 🙂

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    1. Hi Debbie! Thank you so much for such a thoughtful message! I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed this post and my blog☺️ living in pease is such a great blessing that many do not get to experience so it’s awesome that you recognize that😉 please continue to read and keep in touch as I will do in your blog! 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sounds good to me Joezette! Looking forward to it. Funny, I do a class on Making Peace with Yourself with women. So important to explore and share on peace. Thank you for your blog! Big smiles 😊 Debbie

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    1. You are too kind! Thank you!! I’m so glad to hear that my writing resonated with you and brought you some inspiration–that’s what its all about!:D Than you for your prayers–keep ’em coming, I can use them!lol. I know He’s always listening…I just don’t always know what he’s plotting when He hears me haha…we’ll see how this works out!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Blessings large and small are always good – I am so glad you will have help on the medication costs to give you energy throughout the day Joezette. My mom had very high costs for her cellulitis antibiotic regimen, and she had a kindly infectious disease doctor who arranged for her to get the medicine for free since she was a low-income senior. He made all the arrangements for this and had a staff member who lived in our City personally deliver it to her – what a relief, as the pills, and the compound cream she needed to rub into her legs to curb the infection when she had a flare-up was also costly ($100.00 for a few weeks’ supply). I helped out of course, but she was a proud woman and often rebelled at the help. Godspeed to you on this journey.

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    1. Oh wow Linda, what a blessing! I hate that people have to worry about money while suffering from sickness…it’s so frustrating! Thank you for your well wishes–I really hope this works out and helps to make my days a bit easier.

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  4. Thank you for following my blog, I so appreciate it. And also because it led me to yours, obviously 🙂 But this is very interesting, as I have a couple of friends with lupus.
    I am so happy for you about the Rituximab, will be hoping it helps you as you want!

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