5 Things That Made Me Smile This Week #7

Good morning everyone! Here’s another Motivation Monday! I hope you all had a great and I’m praying that this upcoming week is even better than the last! Please leave a comment below sharing some of the blessings you received this week–I love hearing about them!


Homework and Pizza

As an incentive for students who complete 90%+ of their homework in a term, my co-teacher and I give end of term pizza parties as rewards. This Friday we enjoyed the company of 7 of our students while chowing down on pizza and wings! Even in April, I learned things about my students that I had no clue about! I discovered siblings that I didn’t know existed, hobbies that they rarely get the opportunity to discuss, and corrected poor table manners that needed addressing (no chewing with your mouth open)! It really was a memorable time!



Cas has this squeaky toy that recently conked out on him! When I tell you it seemed like the end of the world for us all, it really did! We’d catch glimpses of him trying to play with it and make it squeak, to no avail. Thankfully, Sean was able to fix the squeaker, buying us time to search for a new alternative. After extensive search efforts, we FINALLY found a toy at Petco on Saturday. Petco to the rescue! This seems like something so small, but when my pup is happy, I’m happy!


84° Weather

Need I say more?


Nail Clippers

Who would’ve thought that nail clippers would save my mouth?! As I’ve been sharing, I’m now using Smile Direct Club to perfect my smile. The process can be extremely painful for your teeth, but to your gums as well. I, however, have discovered a way to modify my aligners and prevent them from cutting up my mouth. Prior to filing down the additional plastic on my trays this week, I clipped them so they they fall just below my teeth. It honestly makes such a difference and alleviates so much discomfort.


Oxi Clean

I thought I’d passed this stage in my life, but apparently I can still damage clothes in the wash! I can’t believe it. While doing laundry this week, this one blue shirt decided to bleed all over 5 of my favorite shirts. I wanted to cry out of frustration, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I did however search various ways to remove stains, and discovered Oxi Clean. They claim that soaking clothes for a minimum of 6 hours in Oxi Clean will remove most stains. I ended up soaking the shirts over night so I haven’t observed the results yet, but I’m optimistic!!

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11 thoughts on “5 Things That Made Me Smile This Week #7”

  1. My dad’s clean pathology report after his operation, my “tribe”, having my photos accepted for an upcoming art exhibit, completing my 11 day motorcycle trip safely, that my son didn’t burn down the house or forget to feed my dog excessively while I was on said trip.

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  2. I especially relate to the pizza party. You can’t go home with your students and supervise their homework, but you can give them an extra incentive for doing it. I know some of them have family issues that make it harder for them, but those that do make it a priority need some kind of reward. Your students will remember your kindness and modeling!

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