Purposefully Feminine! (The Resolution for Women Series)

This chapter of The Resolution for Women is a controversial one! The old idea of women being submissive to men, homemakers, and overall inferior, is the perception that has unfortunately been associated with biblical femininity. This idea has created such controversy amongst believers and non-believers alike. Having possessed an appreciation for the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice of women over the years, christian women especially struggle with balancing that appreciation with a will to exemplify the definition of womanhood as presented in the word of God. Imagine knowing that you were created for a specific purpose and to live your life a certain way, but having a constant internal conflict due to your environment, your ancestry, or even your own personal outlook. This is how I imagine many Christian women live their lives today. However, we must realize that we will fail to discover and experience ultimate fulfillment until we decide to walk in His purpose–fulfilling His vision for us as women.

I’ve always admired how well some Christians are with reciting/memorizing Bible verses. This has always been a bit of a challenge for me, and as you can imagine, my knowledge of God’s word is waning. Apart from the obvious implications, being scarcely versed in scripture also means that prior to reading this chapter, there was a deficiency in my knowledge and understanding of the biblical definition of womanhood.


Over the years, society’s idea of femininity has drastically changed. Women have worked so hard to re-invent femininity which has created a clear divide in what we originally grew up understanding. I have to say that while I support progress for women and equality, I also feel that when we stray too far away from the role that we were created for–according to the word of God, we render ourselves open to less than desirable circumstances. Shirer argues that God’s definition of a woman is one who is “both strong and vulnerable. Powerful yet tender. More than able yet willing to yield.”

So many of us end up broken-hearted, single parents, and struggling just to get by, because we rush and insist on doing things our way. We emasculate our men because we are afraid of being considered “inferior”, then wonder why there is an insane number of men who fail to understand what it means (or how) to be a man. We shy away from traditional female roles because we’ve had it drilled into our heads that those roles are no longer acceptable, let alone desirable.

As women, we are uniquely made–neither less than or greater than men. I reluctantly agree with Shirer’s idea that we are different in function–not value. The hand, experience, knowledge, and feminine heart that women bring to their circle of people is a part of our purpose that we should embrace–along with change–and never forget.

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7 thoughts on “Purposefully Feminine! (The Resolution for Women Series)”

  1. I loved this! When I first became a Christian, I struggled A LOT with the roles of a biblical woman, because all my life, I told told that men weren’t necessary! Oh, but the truth is so liberating!

    Your words are powerful and encouraging and need to be heard!!

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    1. Oh wow Selina! Thank you! And yes! It’s soooooooooo difficult to come to that realization in today’s society, but when you truly come to understand our purpose in Christ, it all becomes clear:) Thank you for reading!❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Thank you so much for this!!! I am a survivor of many things and spent my life surviving instead of living… but I did not realize that all I was doing was running away. People said I was strong, a leader but I was weak and couldn’t see it.

    It was not until I found truth, became a Christian, and struggled with the role of a woman that I started to become strong. I was intelligent before however finding GOD and my role brought me wisdom. When all trust had been ripped away from my spirit after surviving the life I did, handing over the reigns to GOD and my other half was and still is arguably the hardest thing I have ever done. It was also probably the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

    It pulls on my heart knowing how families and lives are being destroyed. Walking with GOD has granted me the family I never had and opened my eyes like never before. The “Christian” role of woman is so understated and even heavily attacked… and it pulls and weighs on my heart heavy. I also was one of those women who not only pulled away from Christianity and was raised to hate it but I also attacked it. I was so wrong.

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    1. Wow, thank you so much for sharing this! Everything that you said is so true! As I get older and witness all that the women have endured during their lifetime, I am even more convinced that His vision for our lives is what I should pursue. The biggest misconception is that God’s definition of womanhood promotes submission even if it means being disrespected which is so far from the truth. Again, thank you for sharing and reading!!!❤️🤗

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