Is He For Real?

For my birthday last year, I didn’t want to do anything big. I made plans to visit Six Flags Great Adventure with some of my closest friends and was content with that. The day of my birthday, Sean suggested that we at least go out for a small dinner, just the two of us, and I agreed. When we arrived at Piquant (amazing American-Latin infused cuisine), I asked for a table for two, and the maitre d immediately began to seat us–however I was stopped in my tracks. While we were walking to our table, I saw one of my best friends coming from what I assumed was the bathroom. “Marva???? What are you doing here?!” She didn’t get an opportunity to derive a story, because just then, two other close friends of mine appeared next to her–“surprise!” I literally couldn’t believe it! I don’t handle surprises well, so it took a really long time for me to internalize that these people who I loved took time to plan a get together that they knew would be very special to me. Even though they were clearly right in front of my face, I’d questioned whether or not they’d actually done this.


This got me thinking about my relationship with God. How many times has He performed a miracle in my life, or blessed me with exactly what I needed, and rather than accepting his grace, I questioned whether or not this was really happening? Or, the countless times that I’d pray for a need, He’d meet it, but I’d still question whether or not that need was met by Him. At this point in my life, I’ve chosen to not even question anymore. Like everyone, I too have my share of problems that are present in my life right now. There are a few circumstances that I have little to no control over. But I can’t even count the number of times that He has revealed himself to me, blessed me, and provided for me. He has done SO MUCH for me, I can’t even shed a tear of worry over my circumstances!


As today marks Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week, why don’t you take some time to reflect on the countless times that He has revealed Himself to you and met your needs… Are you still questioning Him and His hand over your life? For those who are unaware, Palm Sunday is recognized as the day when Jesus entered Jerusalem and we celebrate the days before his crucifixion. I don’t know about you, but I am celebrating a very real savior who has touched my life! A very real healer who has given me life and woke me up this morning! A very real provider who meets my every need so I do not have to worry. And a very real king who exemplified humility and spent his life serving others! Ask me if you don’t believe it…my life as a testimony…He is for real!


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21 thoughts on “Is He For Real?”

  1. Yes I can relate to those kinds of thoughts. So many times God will do something in my life, and then later on I wonder if it was really Him or just a wonderful coincidence. I think part of it is our human nature. But of course it’s Him!

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  2. Is it ok to reblog your messages. You write so beautifully and I have 5 websites. Several of them could use some of your posts because they brighten up and say things that need sharing. Since a lot of your writings and pictures are copyrighted, I don’t want in infringe. Just let me know the best way to handle this. Thanks. ~ Sharon
    PS. Also, what is the name of the font you use for your name, or did you write that yourself?

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    1. Sure! Giving credit to the author is suffice for reblogging…I usually introduce the post by stating where I got the work from as well as giving credit in MLA format at the bottom of the post. In regard to the font, I use the word swag app and the font is “simple text” I think! I hope this helps! Thanks so much for asking and sharing encouragement with others!


  3. Thank you, Joezette, I needed to renew my thinking today. You put so many thoughts into perspective, and I am so touched that God lead me to read your message today. He’s like that, of course. Just when you need to hear the perfect, comforting message, He uses others to deliver that message. Be blessed, my new sweet friend. ~ Sharon

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    1. Sharon, you are so welcome! I am overjoyed to hear that at least one person was ministered to by my words. That is how He works! Please keep in touch and be blessed darling❤️❤️❤️ ~Joe


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