Surprisingly Satisfied! (The Resolution for Women Reflection Series)

Hi Everyone!

So, I’ve decided to bring you along with me as I read The Resolution for Women By: Priscilla Shirer! In this book, Shirer challenges women to live their lives intentionally and spirit-filled based on God’s image of us. As I’ve been reading, I’ve also been jotting down parts of the book that really resonate with me and reflecting on the topics that are unravelled. Every Friday I will be sharing my notes and personal thoughts on what I believe are the big ideas of each chapter. I hope that you not only enjoy checking in each week, but that you also spark some discussion, perhaps learn something new, and reflect on whether or not you are open to resolving to be a woman that exemplifies God’s image and walks in your purpose through Him.


I think it’s fair to say that many of us are rarely satisfied in our current situation and are constantly trying to find avenues that guide us onto the next thing. For example, as teenagers we dream of becoming adults. As singles in our 20s, we wait with anticipation for marriage. Shortly after getting married, we make another lifelong commitment to having children. In rushing through life, we rarely get the opportunity to relish in our experiences and subsequently devalue the people in our lives as well as the special moments that we share with them.

As an ambitious professional, I have a tendency to always think aout the next move–whether it’s the next promotion, the next dregree, the next career choice…In doing this, I sometimes bring stress to myself that is so unnecessary. I should be enjoying my time in the classroom rather than focusing on what will be discussed in that meeting at the end of the day. As a single woman turning 30, I am guilty of dreaming of a future with the perfect husband and 2 healthy and beautiful children. Am I hurrying towards that dream though? No. But that’s because my desire to have a family rooted in faith is much stronger than my childhood dream. I have resolved to be a woman of content… Therefore, I face no quarrels with waiting for the right time when things fall into place the way they’re supposed to–in His time.


Society today argues that there’s always something else out there for us to attain or achieve. However, when we’re always looking to the future, it’s inevitable that we will grow unappreciative of the present. Sometimes God keeps certain things from us intetionally. I personally think God is using my Lupus as an opportunity to teach me many things–one being to rely on him, and the other being to slow down and seize the day. I admit it…I can be very “type A” and often choose to take control in situations, but I’m slowly learning that His plans are indeed greater than mine. Some may argue that contentment is similar to complacency, but I would argue against that. Shirer actually words it perfectly: “contentment is the balance between enjoying life now with anticipation of what’s to come. It keeps us within reigns and prevents our desires from going rampage. It’s a genuine gratitude for what the day brings.”

Resolve to be a woman (or man) of content. One who exhibits tranquility and serenity through solace and restfulness. Who’s refreshing to those around her because she has chosen contentment over dissatisfaction.


Credit: Shirer, P. (2011). The Resolution for Women. Kendrick Bros., LLC. B & H Publishing Group. Nashville, Tennessee.

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9 thoughts on “Surprisingly Satisfied! (The Resolution for Women Reflection Series)”

    1. So true Cassandra! When you really think about it, we can be so demanding and impatient…after reading this section of the book, all I could think was “Let go and let God.” This is how we should live our lives. Thanks for reading!!💜

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    1. Awe, thank you Claire! I’m just learning from the experiences of those around me, as well as my own. God has definitely been using all that I’ve been through to mold me for His purpose🙏🏾


  1. Yes. If we are content with what God has given us, there is no need for disappointment. We can live here and now. My life, I believe, was designed by Him.

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