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The Lupus Diet (as communicated by Dr. Axe)

I found this amazing article written by Dr. Axe on the importance of making healthy dietary choices in  order to manage Lupus symptoms. He discusses everything from foods that we should and should not eat, as well as the benefits of making these choices. I am quickly sharing the most important information regarding foods that he recommends for Lupus patients, but if you’d like to read more on his insights, you can find the article here.

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5 Things That Made Me Smile This Week #2

I think I’m going to start calling these weekly posts “Motivation Mondays”! It is so hard waking up on Monday mornings and I honestly see that I am finding solace in reflecting on my week at the start of a new one and just appreciating the blessings that I’ve received. This past week was a bit rough, but even in the midst of discomfort, I received multiple expressions of grace and memorable moments of happiness!

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As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, one of my current reads is The Resolution for Women, written by Priscilla Shirer. One of the topics that I recently read revolved around self-esteem and how we perceive ourselves as women. Many of us–let’s say the majority of us–struggle so much with understanding our self-worth and viewing ourselves the way He views us–as prized possessions that are invaluable. I reflected on this topic and realized that even with the utmost level of confidence, I too am guilty of failing to love myself how He loves me and believing that just by simply being me, I am enough.

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…But I Love It!!!

Approximately a year ago, I made the decision to transition to a gluten-free diet. My logic? I’d done some research on the impact of gluten on patients who suffer with inflammation and the vast majority of what I’d found argued that individuals with autoimmune conditions should remove gluten from their diets. So naturally, in an effort to improve my health, that’s just what I did!

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Imagine That…

It’s happened guys. The dreadful taper. Following my visit with my rheumatologist yesterday, I was instructed to taper my steroid dosage. In previous posts, I mentioned how wonderful prednisone was at numbing Lupus related pain and fatigue. While many patients benefit from this relief, long term side effects of prednisone usage are known to create further health concerns later on in life. Because of this, doctors try their best to stabilize patient symptoms and remove prednisone from the list of medications being consumed daily. Starting last night, I reduced my dosage from 30mg twice per day to 20mg twice per day, and boy let me tell you, I am crashing. I woke up this morning feeling like I’d had the wind knocked out of me. Making it through today has definitely been a challenge in comparison to what I’ve been experiencing over the past week. It’s been quite some time since I’ve tried to taper down from my usual 9mg per day, so you can only imagine the confusion that my body is going through right now. I thought that things were getting better, and while my emotional state is much more stable, the discomfort that I currently feel is a reminder of my reality. A reality where I have minimal control and rely on medication to determine my abilities. Imagine that…

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Did You Cuddle Yet Today?!

It’s National Cuddly Kitten Day guys! And even if you don’t have a cute little furry kitty at home to snuggle up with, you need to cuddle something! It doesn’t have to be a kitty, pooch, or even a bunny…studies have shown that touch can be a key component of healing and healthy living that improves your everyday life!

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Let’s Talk About Weight Loss…or…Weight Gain?

On my previous post, “5 Things That Made Me Smile This Week #1”, I mentioned how happy the newly prescribed higher dosage of prednisone (steroid typically used to treat Lupus) made me feel. For a Lupus patient, I’d like to compare the normalcy associated after taking a moderate dosage of prednisone to a high or blissful feeling that you may get after consuming strong pain relieving medication (oxycodon or tramadol for instance). Now remember, individuals suffering with Lupus are literally in pain all of the time–I can’t reiterate that enough. Even when taking prednisone daily, the underlying pain unfortunately remains. In addition to the satisfaction of pain relief, one thing that all Lupus patients quickly learn is of the impact that this drug has on their weight!

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Frozen Fruit?!

I’m probably late, but I am SUPER excited about my discovery of frozen fruit! There’s nothing worse than purchasing a ton of fresh produce, only to visit your refrigerator several days later and see it all rotting away. Well, while picking up groceries today, I peeped a bag of Dole Brand frozen strawberries priced at $5.99. In spite of my excitement, I wavered a bit. I wondered if the nutritional value would be comparable to fresh produce or if the frozen stuff was garbage. Ultimately, I decided to pass and continued with my errands. The story doesn’t end here though!

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5 Things That Made Me Smile This Week #1

I’ve decided to spend some time each week reflecting on events that I believe added to my life, left an impact on my heart, and ultimately made me smile. A crucial part of maintaining good mental, physical, and spiritual health is having the ability to acknowledge our blessings as well as keeping the positivity going, so perhaps you’ll be motivated to take a moment and do the same! I’m sure there are numerous things that happened to you this week that were impactful–acknowledge them!

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