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Frozen Fruit?!

I’m probably late, but I am SUPER excited about my discovery of frozen fruit! There’s nothing worse than purchasing a ton of fresh produce, only to visit your refrigerator several days later and see it all rotting away. Well, while picking up groceries today, I peeped a bag of Dole Brand frozen strawberries priced at $5.99. In spite of my excitement, I wavered a bit. I wondered if the nutritional value would be comparable to fresh produce or if the frozen stuff was garbage. Ultimately, I decided to pass and continued with my errands. The story doesn’t end here though!

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Meal Planning is a Go!

As I take some well-needed time to re-evaluate my schedule, health, and ultimately make lifestyle changes in an effort to be a better me, I’ve decided that I’d like to try out meal planning! Now, I’m a bit nervous about the consistency of this and how well I’ll be able to keep up with it, however, my hospitalization provided me with access to healthy and nutritious meals each day, and more than ever, I’m beginning to internalize the impact of a well-balanced diet on my Lupus management. Prior to my hospitalization, my mom pointed out that my appetite was very poor. I was eating child-sized portions of food and the combination of a gluten-free diet (stay tuned for a post on its effects) and minimal food intake was clearly impacting my body. All things considered, I am now even more aware of the value of a wholesome and balanced diet and truly want to work towards maintaining one.


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