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Discover The Power of Your Tongue

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When faced with challenging situations, how many of us have a tendency to quickly become overwhelmed and focus on how impossible things appear to be? *Clears throatguilty! And this isn’t only true for major life situations. How about the small things? Like last night’s dinner perhaps…“Why is this jar impossible to open?! Mom! Help!” After a single attempt, I am filled with frustration because the jar fails to open when I want it to and immediately call for someone nearby to save me. I swear this happens every time! Unfortunately this time, no one was home, so I was forced to keep working at that jar until it finally budged. This got me thinking…we do similar things in big situations as well. After single attempts to accomplish a goal, if things fail to work out when or how we want them to, we call for rescue. In some cases we give up entirely.

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5 Things That Made Me Smile This Week #2

I think I’m going to start calling these weekly posts “Motivation Mondays”! It is so hard waking up on Monday mornings and I honestly see that I am finding solace in reflecting on my week at the start of a new one and just appreciating the blessings that I’ve received. This past week was a bit rough, but even in the midst of discomfort, I received multiple expressions of grace and memorable moments of happiness!

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The Power of “No”!

This is a judgement free zone right? Phew, great! Because I am well aware of my recent post about showing humility and thinking about others rather than focusing on yourself, but I also feel compelled to write about the value of the word “no” and how finding a balance between service and self-care can be tremendously fulfilling. I personally do not believe that God wants us to work to the bone in service of others and entirely forget about our personal needs. I’ve been there and it is such an unhealthy way to go through life! When you really think about it, we are no good to those around us if we are not taken care of ourselves.

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Oh, the Humility….

My devotional this morning was on a topic that I am all too familiar with–humility. Sometimes it is so easy for us to claim that we practice humility and put others before ourselves. After all, is there anyone who is proud to say, “I could care less about the next person and simply want to spend my life achieving my own agenda“? If that’s you, I’ll kindly send a prayer your way! But back to the topic at hand, humility. How can one who is constantly battling their own demons, struggling day-to-day, and consistently trying to make it through the next 1/2 hour capable of stepping outside of themselves and serving others?

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