5 Things That Made Me Smile This Week #6

Happy Monday Everyone! Hoping you all had a blessed week! Here is another Motivation Monday, giving you some encouragement and reminding you to count your blessings. Now that I am back at work, it is so difficult keeping up with my posts, but the Motivation Mondays MUST stay consistent! As always, please share some of the awesome things that happened to you this week. Remember, there’s a blessing even in the little things!!!

Back At It

You heard right! After 5 weeks at home, I am finally back at work and teaching my wonderful students. I have to admit that I was a bit anxious about returning and jumping back into the chaos of teaching, but everything has been fine! With the exception of a few hiccups, tantrums here and there (I absolutely HATE tantrums), and IEPs and Progress Reports due, the week went by smoothly. My students greeted me with a warm welcome and 2 of them even brought in gifts. As challenging and stressful as teaching is, I can’t ignore the fact that it is such a rewarding profession and my passion in life. I may not be this positive in a month or so when it’s the end of the school year and things get a little cray cray, but we’ll see!

New Aligners

So, I started Smile Direct Club a little over a week ago, and no one told me exactly how painful this experience was going to be! I went through the entire week, missing the privilege of being able to eat and drink whenever I wanted to, and trying to teach lessons and hold discussions with sores and cuts from hard plastic in my mouth…I was miserable. Anyway, after 7 days, I was finally able to change out my aligners on Saturday and THANK GOD these were cut a bit better and have been less painful. The cuts in my mouth are finally healing and I am no longer suffering from the additional pain. Now I can be excited about perfecting my smile again!

Birthday Celebrations!

Not mine (although I am turning 30 in 3 weeks!)…one of my closest friends and line sister celebrated her birthday on Friday! It was awesome being able to see her and our other friends who we do not get the opportunity to hangout with often and just have a good time! Sean and I also went to a Sweet 16 on Saturday in celebration of his cousin’s daughter. I’d never attended a Sweet 16 before and clearly didn’t have my own, so it was just beautiful watching this young lady embrace each of her family members and thanking them for all that they’ve done to help her grow into the young woman that she is today. Great times!


Cas and I rarely get the opportunity to go to the park, so when I decided to go on Sunday, along with Sean and my nephew, I had a blast! It sounds so cliche, but being outdoors and running around with the little guy relieved so much tension! I used to run track and field (in my younger days) so I instinctively jetted across the field with him a number of times! Of course I was absolutely exhausted and ready for bed immediately after, but the quality time still made me feel happy!


On Saturday, May 6th, my family, friends, colleagues, and I will all be participating in the Lupus Foundation of America’s Walk to End Lupus Now event in New York City. About a month ago, I began fundraising for the event and set a personal goal of $500. I also created a team, Joezette’s Journey, and set a team goal for $1,000. Not only did I surpass my goal of raising $500 towards research efforts, but my team surpassed our $1,000 goal too! We will continue to fundraise up until the day of the walk, but it’s amazing to know that I at least accomplished a goal that I set and can work towards contributing even more!

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13 thoughts on “5 Things That Made Me Smile This Week #6”

  1. Your are strong beautiful woman I hope every day of your life god bless you !!!perhaps any day isn’t equal then other but, I know you fight for a reason ❤️Lol 😘🤗no matter what the circumstances always Smile 😂🤣😅😂😊😚😘🤗!

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